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Over 20 years on town committees various other community organizations qualified and  & experienced what we do not is for us but for generations to come. Let's do it with vision, focus, purpose and common sense.


  • Advocates for providing transportation to people recently released from the Suffolk County Jail to return to their home towns, instead of being the responsibly of Riverhead residents and police department.

  • Will work with the County and the State to find housing and support for the homeless and those with mental concerns.

  • Continuing to Fight the defrauding of our senior citizens.

  • Our youth will be in the front of our minds in decisions concerning the future of Riverhead.

  • Address the needs of community groups

  • Provide the resources to the Riverhead police and the volunteer fire fighters and ambulance corps to keep them efficient, effective and safe.


  • Advocates for common sense, simplified town code in areas of various permits, agriculture, and business.

  • To keep Riverhead's agriculture viable we need to increase ag worker housing to preserve our farms..

  • Any code changes MUST include stakeholders.

  • Attract investors into the Town, making sure that developments are fair to the community, the town and the developers.

  • Continue to address the overcrowding of the Riverhead School District.

  • Will hold state and county officials accountable for vehicle damage due to potholes.

  • Will hold utility companies accountable for repairing roads that are torn up during routine utility maintenance (gas/water lines).

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